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Can you eat Aloe Vera?
Yes you can eat Aloe vera. One less-known use of Aloe vera is as a food ingredient. The plant makes its way into commercial food products including yogurts and desserts. Your recipes and drinks can take advantage of its unique and subtle flavor profile: a slightly bitter initial taste followed by a gentle sweetness.
Aloe vera is considered a super-food by some, an everyday vegetable by many more, and a complete mystery by still others, but, once a spear of aloe has been prepared, it can be blended into a drink, or cut into cubes and used in many of the same recipes as cubes of meat or fish veggies, or fruit: in soups, stews, and curries, or julienned for salads and ceviche. Because it’s so neutral, it works just as well in sweet dishes; try adding the crystal clear cubes to a fruit salad, or poach cubes of aloe in fruit juice and serve over ice cream or yogurt. With its skin removed, its texture is tender, similar to an extra firm jelly, though mucilaginous or slimy. But that slime can and should be rinsed away.

NOTE: Don’t harvest aloe from potted plants and don’t buy it from the garden shop. There are approximately 500 species of aloe, but only aloe vera is good to eat, so stick to what is for sale in grocery stores.

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