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It's Robinson's Racing Pigs (And Swimming Pigs)
A Fair Classic. It's an oinkin' good time!

Robinsons Racing Pigs have been entertaining fair and festival goers over 25 years!! in the fall of 1984 Paul and Carlota Robinson started racing pigs and in February of 1985 took their show to the Florida State Fair for their first 11 day showing before the fair ended they had 12 fairs booked it soon became a staple for other fairs around the country they have appeared on all major TV networks as well as the tonight show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno and have become the #1 fair attraction in north America. Since the passing of the Robinsons in the late 90″s Randy & Sharon Ross Have continued the Robinsons legacy. In 2000 they created THE PADDLING PORKER SHOW Their little piggies swim race four at a time as the crowd cheers the porkers on to victory as they finish their race diving in to a 24 ft swimming pool called the hogwash. our pigs run for the ultimate prize for a pig. an Oreo cookie of course!


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Extraordinary magic and variety entertainment for incredibly fun and successful events & promotions! Performances include magic, illusions and the Survivor Family Game Show.

Bob Bohm will turn your event into an unforgettable success, from banquets and corporate functions, fairs & festivals to school programs. Experience the wonder of magic and fun with one of the Midwest's most entertaining and engaging acts that is acually, GUARANTEED TO ENTERTAIN. Delightful magic shows, interactive game shows, engaging master of ceremony, all can be part of your special event.

Bob truly puts on a family oriented show and everything is performed with a comical & entertaining flair. He takes audience participation to a whole new level presenting good clean wholesome fun that kids to adults, even grandparents enjoy.

Bowl Turner & Woodwork expert

Bowl Turning

Roger Abrahamson. From Minnesota. Roger is a traditional bowl turner. Using a spring pole lathe, hand-forged tools, and freshly harvested native woods, he specializes in the creation of Norwegian ale vessels. Roger's fascination with these objects has its roots in his immigrant grandmother's ale bowl, which is still in the family. Roger has demonstrated his trade at the Nordic Fest, Norsk Hostfest, the Minnesota State Fair, the Smithsonian Institute's Viking Exhibition, and several other historic sites. He has been a turner for 18 years, working with a pole lathe exclusively for the past 12.


BMX Trickstars is an all inclusive traveling BMX stunt show that was formed by X-Games medalist Rob Nolli to bring the exciting display of BMX bike stunts and freestyle tricks to events across the nation. With over 20 years of experience, our shows offer flatland freestyle and high flying ramp action from Florida’s most professional, experienced and innovative bicycle stunt riders. Whether it is a local show at a school assembly, a weekend special event or during halftime of an NBA game, our shows will entertain as well as educate audiences of all ages.


World class entertainers since 1877, the Anastasinis have been delighting audiences all over the globe. They are renowned for their performances packed with the epitome of professionalism, spontaneity,
charm and elegance.

The Anastasini ancestry has for eight generations continued to raise the bar in the presentation of quality entertainment. Talented predecessors have inspired the current generation of Anastasinis to deliver even more precision, originality, and skill in their thrilling contemporary versions.



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Robots And Cars Entertainment is an innovative strolling act and costume services company. All services are rendered in house from building our one of a kind costumes, marketing and booking, as well as training and providing operators. We are currently traveling across the U.S. and available worldwide.

The RoboCar concept was invented in the fall of 2009 by Drew Beaumier to compete in high prize costume contests.

Since this first exhibition Drew has made several guests appearances on major U.S. television shows and traveled across this country and few others performing in a multitude of venues and events with his creative and original invention.

We continually upgrade and redesign concepts annually to ensure that our clients have access to the newest RoboCars that are not available anywhere else on the planet!

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