February 9 - 17, 2024



Outside Food Line Vendors



For New Food Vendors, we Require a Picture of your Establishment, Menu with Prices, and References. We have a Limited Number of Spaces for Food Vendors and Outside Vendors. Please Contact the Fair Office At 772-220-3247 Or FAIROFFICE@MARTINCOUNTYFAIR.COM For Availability.


Welcome, Please enter your information below. 

Applications are required to submit a copy of a valid DL or State ID as well as a photograph of your display.

Please contact the Martin County Fair Office for an updated
2024 Food Line Vendor Application and Availability.
Thank you.


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Please note that your submitted application does not guarantee admittance to vendor at the Martin County Fair. Once your application has been received you will be notified if you have been granted a spot on our food line.


Installation of Exhibits:  Exhibitors will be allowed at least one (1) week prior to the Fair’s opening, to set up exhibits.  All exhibits must be completed and approved by the Fair Board prior to 12:00 NOON on Opening Day.  Under no circumstances will any exhibitor be permitted to close, dismantle, or move their exhibit during or prior to 12:01 AM on the last day of the fair.  Exhibitors not abiding by this regulation will be barred from the fair the following year.

Removal of Exhibits: At the close of the fair, exhibits and structures that have been erected must be removed.  All exhibit materials and equipment not removed within one (1) week will be considered to have been abandoned and will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.

Electrical Connections:  Each exhibitor will be furnished one (1) electrical outlet for each ten (10) feet of exhibit space rented.  Outside Food Vendors will be charged a Hook up fee. Additional outlets for special lighting or 220 Volt outlets for the operation of equipment will be charged to the exhibitor.  NO ELECTRIC SPACE HEATERS MAY BE USED AT ANY TIME.

Character of Exhibits:  The Fair Board reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit, display or activity which in it opinion is not suitable.  This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed materials, souvenirs, and other matters pertaining to the space allocated.

Exhibit Display & Decorations:  Each exhibitor may equip his exhibit with display materials and equipment, furniture, lamps, potted plants, flowers and special set pieces provided they do not interfere with any other exhibit and may not be taller than four (4) feet at sides.

Give-Aways:  Exhibitors will have the right to offer to the patrons any such give-away items as the exhibitor desires to offer, subject to the approval of the Fair Board, providing that such items place no obligation on the part of the patrons.

Audio Visual Equipment:  If using audio-visual equipment machines, they must be entirely self-contained.  They must run without a lecturer or speaker noise reaching beyond ten (10) feet of the exhibit and must be placed in the exhibit space so that spectators watching them will not block the aisle.  No activities may interfere with the displays or activities of any other exhibitor.

Machinery in Motion:  Machinery in motion must be located safely inside the exhibitor’s leased space with sufficient safeguards and enclosures to adequately protect others.  Machinery exhibitors accept full responsibility for injury or damage to the person or property of others. 

TV and Radio Shows:  Any exhibitor who desires to have his regular radio or television show broadcast or televised directly from his exhibit space shall have the right to do so at his own expense.

Insurance:  Each exhibitor MUST carry general liability insurance ($1,000,000.00 minimum) and shall submit a CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE (COI) from the exhibitor’s insurance agent.

Insurance: The Martin County Fair Association, Inc. will not be responsible for the loss of any exhibit or portion thereof whatsoever by reason of fire, accident, theft, damage to any goods, injury to the exhibitor, his agents or representatives or any other cause.  It is recommended that the exhibitor carry insurance on his exhibit and merchandise.

Carbonated Beverages: subject to update.

Trash and Garbage: All trash and garbage must be in or adjacent to designated receptacles. Daily morning removal of trash will be provided by the Fair Association. All oil must be properly disposed of by the vendor.  No oil may be left on the fairgrounds.

Parking: Vehicles may not be driven or parked within the enclosed fenced area of the fairgrounds during the open hours of the Fair.  Each exhibit will be entitled to one (1) parking pass only.

Subletting of Space: No exhibitor will be permitted to sublet or transfer the whole or any part of the space rented or display anything not specified on their contract.

Admissions: Exhibitors receive 4 exhibitor passes good for each day of the fair.  Additional entries available for $5.00 each.  Please buy our advance ticket at one of these locations on our website or the fair office.



Notice to all Vendors: Electric connections will be facilitated by the Martin County Fair’s Electrician. All water hook up will be by a Martin County Plumber. Each Vendor will be charged a $25.00 Trash pick-up fee. If anyone hooks up their utilities, they will FORFEIT their deposit & be asked to leave. Other points not covered by these rules and regulations are subject to a decision by the MCFA Board of Directors.  All decisions will be final.,

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