February 9 - 17, 2024



Ground Acts

SPONSORED BY: Your Name Here! Call KC at 772-220-3247 for more info!

Squawk the Amazing Show!

SQUAWK! the Show You’ve never seen a bird show like this! These incredibly talented parrots are full of personality and deliver a fast paced, laugh out loud show featuring unusual tricks, great talkers, & audience participation.

Tiger Encounter!

About The Tiger Encounter• The Tiger Encounter is an educational show that aims to promote understanding and love between humans and tigers.• The Tiger Encounter is an educational show that aims to promote understanding and love between humans and tigers. 

• Through natural behaviors like sitting, staying, lying down, rolling over, and jumping (all trained with rewards), the show also provides entertainment. 

• The tigers used in the show have all their teeth and claws intact and are well-cared for at two facilities in Florida and Illinois when not traveling for 2-3 months a year. 

• During fair displays, fans and misters are set up for the tigers’ comfort, and they are only taken out of their exercise arena 30 minutes before the show. 

• The training demonstration during the show allows the audience to see firsthand how the animals are trained using positive reinforcement. 

• The tigers are given autonomy in choosing whether to perform a behavior or not, highlighting their individuality. 

• By educating thousands of people around the world about tiger conservation, this show helps raise awareness about protecting both wild and captive tigers from extinction due to habitat destruction caused by daily consumer products.  

• With an estimated population of less than 5,000 left in the wild, it is crucial to take action now to preserve these majestic animals. 

Magic Show with Bob Bohm's Entertainment Shows - Magic, Family Feud, and Survivor!

Bob’s shows are a combination of amazing magic, comedy, skits, games, music, and fun. His interaction with the audience is an integral part of his shows. Whether it’s a demonstration of mentalism or something as surprising as sawing a person in half, the audience is always part of the spectacle.


In addition his interactive game shows, the “Survivor Family Game Show” and the new “Farmily Feud” Ag program, bring competition and audience participation to a whole new level.


With games and magic, Bob guarantees everyone will have fun, laugh, be amazed, and thoroughly entertained.

Wonderland Circus Globe of Death/Wheel of Death!

FREE Interactive games for all ages, with an agricultural slant!
Family game time is perfect.

Stewart Apiaries Bee Show Live and Kids Shows!

Live Bee demonstrations —see what a live bee hive looks like and learn about honeybees!  Or visit during the kid’s bee demonstration where kids will learn what beekeeping is all about while interacting with Buzzy the Bee! 

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